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August 2014
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Boy howdy do we have quite the show for you this week! Seriously, this is a real good one. It's mind-numbingly good. First we discuss the news of new animals coming to Animal Kingdom. Then, find out what will be closing at Hollywood Studios, and what has already been closed! Then a whole slough of Star Wars rumors both on-screen and in-park! And if that wasn't enough, we have quite possibly the best (and hands-down the longest) Tim the Food Bitch that this show has ever seen! Let's see what the Food Bitch thinks about this year's Food and Wine offerings! Buckle up for this one, kiddos! It's a doozy!

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This week on the Mickey Mutineers Podcast, after killing time waiting for Tim to show up, we do what we have to do and try our best at a tribute to the late, great Robin Williams. The man was amazing, and will be greatly missed. After that we cover our version of this week's news, Matt goes to a water park, and then we get to our main feature: since there's been a lack of Disney rumors lately, we make up our own! And you can probably guess where it goes from there... Anyway, enjoy this episode! It's our last one. Until next week. Then we'll have another. And another. And another. Etc. We're like herpes. We won't go away.

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Hello swabs! This week we sure do have an episode for you! Following the release of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, we talk about how awesome the film was. Then we lead into some Disney Infinity discussion and then get to the heart of the episode: we pull another round-table ranking discussion and try to rank the Disney park mountains. Hearts are broken, egos are dashed, and friendships are tested while we put numbers to the mountains. Remember, we want to hear your rebuttal to our rankings! Drop us a line on twitter at @mickeymutineers or send us an email to mickeymutineers@gmail.com!  Tune in and tune out! 

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Hi! You're back! This week, we cover the most awesome parking lot news raging out of Animal Kingdom, cover a whole load of business from San Diego Comic Con, bring back the Take It or Leave It segment, and even have a last minute surprise TripAdvisor Game of Shame! I know I'm forgetting something because there's so much more in this episode! Tune in and tune out!

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We welcome back the triumphant return of Rebecca Kelly! Always funny, always delightful to talk to, she tries really damn hard to keep us level-minded and we try to bring her down to our level. The result is our maddest madness yet! We do some news, we meander all over hell and creation, we try to reimagineer the old boats from Animal Kingdom, and Tim the Food Bitch kicks the doors down and tells us all about food! For serious, you guys, you need to listen to this episode. It's completely life-changing.* Enjoy!

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This weeks we cover this week's news, from missing fingers on Pirates to Haunted Mansion movies, to bluesky rumors! I don't even know if anyone reads this. We also talk about Westcot for the first time on this show...I think. Does anyone read this show summary? Huh... take a listen!

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Hello again, and welcome to another episode of Fast-, I mean, Mickey Mutineers! This week we dive into the glorious refurb of Disneyland's Alice in Wonderland attraction, we mention Shanghai Disneyland, compare the madness of Universal's recent Diagon Alley opening day to what an opening day to a Star Wars Land mightbe like, and Josh does another round of Blood Behind The Ink and in this one, he compares Frozen to its source material. Then we end the show in a rousing round of Listener Questions, and they were great this week! So go ahead. Push play. You know you want it. 

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This week's episode was delayed, but we make up for it by doing the exact same thing we do every week! Wooty woot woot! This week we talk about a Marvel mini-land in California Adventure, the recent crash on Lights Motors Action, a brief Enchanted 2 announcement, and a new segment called "Disney News Nobody Cares About." And it's exactly what it sounds like. Then for our main portion, we do the Top 12 Worst Places to Take a Nap in the Disney Parks. We wrap it up nicely with Listener Questions and we let you get on with your lives while you question what you just listened to for an hour...

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This is the audio from our most recent live show! It's more chaotic and off the wall than our normal shows, so know that little detail going in. We spend the episode interacting with our listeners (or in this case, viewers) via twitter and answering their questions and topics and yes. Things get very out of hand. Buckle up! And godspeed.

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We're back this week with a dantastic episod ethat we're really proud of! We breeze through the news and go straight into the triumphant return of Tim the Food Bitch! That's right! He's back and just as happily pissed as ever! This time around, he goes after Tortuga Tavern at the Magic Kingdom. After that madness is over, Josh tackles some rampant Disney urban legends and lays them to rest. And to round out the show, we finally make the ultimate list and rank the six state-side Disney parks form best worst, and the payoff at the end is one of the greatest moments in the history of our show. And as always, we finish up with some fantastic Listener Questions! So buckle up, this one is exciting!

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