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April 2014
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This week's episode features a rumor about Disneyland updating the animatronics in the classic Fantasyland rides, something about a Ratatouille ride in Paris, Matt discovers the new Mickey Mouse cartoons, and for our main feature, we finally settle who is actually the very best Disney villain. Then we wrap it up with a maddening round of Birnbaum's Blitz. Also there might be some chaos and hilarity sprinkled throughout. Enjoy it!

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Hello again, and welcome to another episode of Mickey Mutineers! Huh, that does sound weird... This week, we cover some very relevent Epcot news, Jake brings a Show and Tell item to an audio podcast (dumbass,) Tim brings up an idea he would like to see implemented into Run Disney, and we introduce a new recurring segment called Never Ever Land, where each time we cover a never-built Disney park/ride/land/resort that Disney was working on at one time or another. Also randomly we have a very special Random Matt, and it does not disappoint. So thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!

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Hola swabs and swaberitas! This week is a doozy in the BEST way! We go through the Top 12 (or so) MORE Things You Shouldn't Do At The Disney Parks! That's right, a sequel Top 12 list! Buckle up, because you're not ready for this! There's also some news about MyMagic+ but that was assumed, right? Huh. Anyway, listen to this one! NOW!

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Hey gang! Have we got one helluva show for you this week! After an intense rescue mission from IKEA, Tim starts us off with some sweet news, Jake talks more Magic Bands and calls out a certain internet article for blatantly lying, some piss poor Metallica impressions happen, Josh brings back some Attraction Clashin' fun, (this is turning into a really long sentence) we point out a slight flaw in the Small World 50th promotion, and finally, we finish things off with a rousing edition of the TripAdvisor Game of Shame! Who doesn't like that? Seriously! This is one episode you don't want to miss! So, you know, get it on!

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This week, we go back to basics! We're giving you one hell of a show! Seriously, we're real proud of this episode. Highly inappropriate, but insanely entertaining. This week, we cover a wide range of topics having to do with Disney. Things to do on WDW property but not in the parks, some Muppet-y movie review, Jake offers up TWO Just The Tips, some very intriguing Magic Band discussion and Jake's experience with it thus far, and we welcome back a rousing round of Tim the Food Bitch. Jake also tosses in the idea of a Mutineer Meet-Up in Disney World. Seriously, guys, you need to listen to this episode...RIGHT NOW! Do it!

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Oh good, you're back. We were beginning to worry. Hey! Let's jump into this summary! We have new news for you this week! Broken fish tanks, moving Frozens, and a shareholders meeting! Chock full o' news stories for you! Then we play the Rotten Tomatoes game with Muppets Most Wanted, take a few macabre tangents, and then go over a "fun facts" list we found in the heart of the internet. And as always, we wrap it up with listener questions and breathe a sigh of relief... hey, thanks for listening! 

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This week on Mickey Mutineers, we have an episode! Just for you! And you. And your hot friend. We discuss some news regarding ferry boat docks to the Magic Kingdom, another 24-hour event happening, the kick ass new finale on Disneyland's Big Thunder, and we have an article Matt found on MSN and it quickly degrades into a Game of Shame, which in our case (and your's) it's a good thing. We wrap things up with a Take It or Leave It and a quick round of Listener Questions. So sit back, lube up, and enjoy the show!

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Hello again, swabs! This week on the Mickey Mutineers podcast, we have the one, the only Rebecca Kelly! (http://disneywithme.wordpress.com/) She's responsible for a whole lot of our audience and just a super fun lady! With her, we cover the recent Oscars, some Magic Kingdom news, and then we play a wild round of Birnbaum's Blitz! The entire episode is just full of fun and hilarious acts of chaos. And singing! Because, singing! We had too much fun. Also there was a surprise hijacking. We're still not sure how it happened but it did. So buckle up for this one, because this episode goes to 11!


Also, Jake may not have been so clear on his "Save the podcast industry" pitch, so if you have any questions, everything is explained in great detail at http://fundanything.com/patenttroll If you enjoy podcasts, or you have one of your own and enjoy what you do, check that out. 

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This right here is a good episode. If you like laughing hysterically at classic Mutineer nonsense, this is the episode for you! We cover the obligatory topic of raised ticket prices, some Flower & Garden Festival and Star Wars Weekends stuff, and then we get into the nitty gritty! Josh brings back Blood Behind the Ink and reveals the original story of The Little Mermaid. What, you want more? You got more! Because Tim blasts into one of the greatest Tim the Food Bitch's in recent history! It's a glorious 3 hour ramble. We wrap it up with listener questions and then set you free to rethink your life and choice of current podcasts. So, enjoy! Because we sure as hell did!

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Hey-oh, swabs! Okay, this week we made a hilarious show for you. Not only does Jake bring some news about a solid, confirmed opening date on a certain Dwarf Mine Train and an upgraded My Disney Experience smartphone app, but the Mutineers are podcasting THROOOOUGH TIME! Yep. This is the first episode of any podcast ever. And you have us to thank for it. But wait, there's more! We get to our main point of the episode: Top 12 Ways to Save Money in the Parks, the Mutineer Way!! This episode is essential when planning your budget for any trip to a Disney park. So strap in, count down, and hold your breath, because this episode is a laugh riot! 

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